The Choices Devotions Series

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Based on the age old principle that choice determines outcome, these devotional studies were initially written for our own children. They were intended to pass on two lifetimes of lessons learned about consequences of choices made. Especially those made in an attempt to please our God.

These lessons will be useful for teachers and youth leaders, as well as home cell and discussion group leaders seeking innovative and discussion provoking material. It should not be necessary to have to spend exhausting time researching and preparing lessons that contain age old truth. These books can also be given as gifts to young and new converts for independent devotional study.

Each lesson is structured first with an essay involving decisions made in a specific area of life. Most use parables to illustrate principles involved. All end with discussion questions to further define how choices made affect everyday life.

These lessons hit at the core of our walk with God. Because every day, our relationship with Him grows or diminishes, based on our new and recurring decisions. For the most part, we completely control the choices we make.

And we alone reap the consequences.

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