The Digging Deeper Series

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The three volumes in this series are the direct result of seeking answers from God. Answers to questions I had no way to find on my own.

The first work of this series I will publish is arguably the most dangerous. ‘Why Do We Let This Divide Us?’ takes an uncompromising look at two doctrines. The teaching of the Oneness of God, and the teaching of the Trinity of God. Both seem to willfully ignore vast portions of scripture, that appear to contradict that particular doctrine. Both approach some truth, but if they don’t align with all scripture, must also contain some error. If our particular imperfect understanding becomes a measure by which we judge the righteousness of others, we become a kingdom divided. This book began with a dream, given after prayer, to know the nature of Jesus Christ. It is still a flawed understanding, but it reconciles most of the seemingly conflicting scriptures on the nature of God. And it just might, once again, open up a path to unity.

‘The High Cost of Arrogance’ resulted from a deliberate use of the Bible as a research tool to answer scientific questions, posed some years back in an issue of ‘Popular Science.’ Four areas of study were mentioned where new scientific discoveries had invalidated our previous theories. The magazine asked readers to find new directions for research that might open up a better understanding. So I went to the scriptures for information on these subjects. But I did so from inside the paradigm that everything mentioned about them in the Bible would be absolutely true. And I found answers, some of them frightening enough to begin to wonder. What has our arrogance, in deciding we had a right to judge God’s Word, cost the human race in knowledge we could have benefitted from long ago?

‘Standing on the Edge of Time’ will be the last in this series, if time desn’t end before it is finalized. Coming home from an international conference on ‘global warming,’ I was praying, asking God how a nation as educated as America, could fall for such utter nonsense. A sudden and nearly staggering rush of scriptures into my mind left me shaking on the side of the road, digging for a notebook. This is a feeble attempt to pass on what God revealed to me that night. It is a systematic look at why God must return, what we have done, and what we are doing to hasten that coming end of time. It is a call to repentance that will surely be ignored. But as a watchman on the wall, given a clear view of what is coming, I am compelled to sound the alarm.

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