Frequently Asked Questions

Why was your publishing company formed?

Archeologos was formed for three distinct purposes. The first was to find, and once again make available, excellent writing from the past. Works that have not only passed into public domain, but have also, unfortunately, passed from common knowledge and availability. The second was to offer books written by Paul Spite, in their original style and format. These include both clean works of fiction and writings of a theological nature. The third purpose will take a while to realize, but we wish to eventually offer literary work of other sorts. These will include unique card games, greeting cards for a whole new purpose, and inspirational posters featuring writing and lyrics by Paul Spite and the photography of Chana Moore.

How do you choose which books to offer?

As avid readers, there are certain works that take hold of our minds and embed themselves there. Our first such offering is a series of five books, written by the same author. Should it be possible at this point in time to find them, other works are well remembered and loved, from decades of escape into worlds created by others. Finding them may prove to be as much or more of a challenge as the search for the Parables of Safed.

The initial offering of our own theological writing are teaching on subjects that haunt me. They are my understanding of difficult topics that I believe God has given me. They simply will not let me go. In passing them on to you, I hope to get release from my Savior to move to other works, specifically The Game of Life series.

Am I buying physical books or digital copies?

For the first series, The Parables of Safed the Sage, we only offer physical books. Subsequent offerings will eventually be made available digitally, but only after hard copies have been offered. Perhaps due to my age, it just seems far more rewarding to curl up with a physical book. I know. It’s an age thing.

Who was William E. Barton?

William E. Barton was a pastor and philosopher who shepherded a congregation in Oak Park, Illinois for many years. He initially began the Safed stories for a denominational publication, and his growing readership quickly began demanding more. As a grandson of Clara Barton, he is far better known for his biographical works on Abraham Lincoln than his theological essays. But it was for the endearing stories of Safed the Sage that he was loved.

Do you own the rights to Barton’s works?

I wish. No, these books have long since passed into public domain. I would never be so cavalier as to misrepresent their authorship. The only intellectual property I own in the works offered here are the cover images and this arrangement of Mr. Barton’s words. A few small changes in format were also made for purposes of flow, but I tried to keep these to a minimum. I had no desire to detract from the peculiar style and beauty of what flowed from the mind of William E. Barton. I wish I could have met him.

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

We do have wholesale accounts. If you offer products for resale and have an interest in obtaining these at discounted rates, please contact us. We will send you information on how to set up such an account with us.

When will the other books listed here become available?

The Parables of Safed the Sage are available now. We intend to have the three books in the Digging Deeper series available by early December 2016. At that point, we will begin sequentially writing rough drafts of every book in The Game of Life to ensure continuity between books. That should be done by July 2017. Once the initial work is done, we will release finished books, one every two months, until the series is complete. The Choices Devotion series will be offered shortly thereafter, as it is already halfway complete. Other series will follow after that point.