The Game of Life Series

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Samuel Chelsey is not your typical hero. He is armed only with a legal license, obtained late in life, and a strong sense of justice. His zeal as a public defender thrusts him into pivotal cases with far-reaching consequences. Throughout The Game of Life series, Samuel successively faces ever more powerful foes. This lone man will force society to ponder increasingly complex questions about whom and what has the right to define and control life. Ultimately, those questions will be decided by the readers of the series, which is no easy task. In each story, the reader must wrestle between positions widely held as truth, which make little sense when juxtaposed.

Samuel is joined in this series by a consistent cast of well-developed characters. One will mentor him in law, another will teach him about life, a third will mother him, and the last will love him. These characters will begin as human and fallible as the reader, but by the time we leave them, some will be less than human. The goal of the series is to challenge the readers, making them ponder what it means to be alive.

Issues range from capital punishment to life support, abortion to parental rights, and euthanasia to cloning. The series begins in a world like our current one, and ends in a world in which few readers will care to live. Author Paul Spite is dedicated to writing stories that will challenge the reader’s long held convictions, resonate within their core, and cause them to ponder what is truly important in life. Mr. Spite is quoted regarding his series, “My goal is to leave readers ever so grateful for their own humanity.” The Game of Life series is a six novel series, titled around the game of chess, which deals with difficult social issues affecting us all. The stories will leave you stunned, shocked and speechless.


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