The Melting Pot Series

{ Future Release }

In a return to western stories that are modern day tales of honor and knighthood, the stories of the Melting Pot will seek to reverse a disturbing trend. One where the introduction of cursing and gratuitous violence seeks to somehow make western tales more relevant to today’s society and readers. But the long term sales of Louis L’Amour’s writing speaks of a longing for clean stories of heroes that struggle and win, because they stand for what is right.

These stories revolve around the cowboys of the Melting Pot Ranch. Each ranch hand is a unique character in their own right, each from separate countries. But each of these immigrants has made their way into the employment of one widow. Who may ultimately be the toughest cowboy in the bunch.

Characters at the Melting Pot are consistent through the series. Storylines revolve around the individual ranch hands, problems and conflicts found historically in the West, their mass courtship of the poor widow (who surely must need a strong man to protect and provide for her) and her maneuvers to evade their amour.

Through all of it will be woven principles of honor and teamwork. This is a band of brothers, forged in the heat of conflicts and sometimes, just good old fashioned roughhousing. All’s fair in love and war as they jockey for the widow’s affection. Sometimes, it would be hard to see where they care for one another at all. Unless you are foolish enough to attack, or harm one of them.

Then the fire beneath the melting pot makes its appearance.