Life Choices

Intro to Book:

This is a collection of essays for use by youth classes, college and career classes, or small group ministries. These present choices that are faced by those who wish to explore what living holy in order to please a heavenly lover might consist of. Most of these ideas are presented in allegorical form, similar to parables. Each essay has thought-provoking study questions included.

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Your Thoughts On This Work

Lesson 1 – Prologue – To Our Children – Our heritage of a system of values
Lesson 2 – The God I Am – The promises inherent in the names and titles of God
Lesson 3 – A God for All Times – The promises inherent in the names and titles of God
Lesson 4 – Heavenly Graffiti – The message that Jesus might have written in the dirt
Lesson 5 – Without Apology – The validity of the Bible as the Word of God
Lesson 6 – Accepted in the Beloved – The only acceptable way into the presence of God
Lesson 7 – Mistaken Identity – The difference between friendship and marriage
Lesson 8 – Voice of the Shepherd – The importance and privilege of hearing God’s voice
Lesson 9 – When God Visits – Seizing the opportunity of proximity to God
Lesson 10 – We Wonder – Being careful that familiarity does not lessen our worship
Lesson 11 – Open Door Policy – God’s unwillingness to force Himself upon us
Lesson 12 – Turn to the Supernatural – The proper response to witnessing the supernatural
Lesson 13 – More Power to You – Cherishing and depending upon God’s power
Lesson 14 – Desiring Wine – Characteristics of the wine God gives His children
Lesson 15 – The Seraphim and the Coal – Feeling unclean in the presence of God
Lesson 16 – Rate of Exchange – The different value systems of heaven and earth
Lesson 17 – Identity Crisis – Deciding whether to embrace the temporal or the eternal
Lesson 18 – Searching for Significance – How to make our lives count – now and forever
Lesson 19 – Looking for Cinderella – The redemptive worth of an eternal love affair
Lesson 20 – Blinded by the Light – Different ways to deal with the truth of the scriptures
Lesson 21 – Exhausted at the Cross – Our foolishness in using God’s love as a last resort
Lesson 22 – Trophy or Triumph – The incredible danger of playing with sin
Lesson 23 – Amazing Grace – The gift from a King from whom we expected judgment
Lesson 24 – The End of Guilt – God’s love being exactly equal to our need
Lesson 25 – Life for Life – The difference between God’s and our definition of living
Lesson 26 – Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Heaven as both a present and future opportunity
Lesson 27 – Epilogue-Midnight in Two Worlds – After the midnight hour, no choice remains