Loving Choices

Intro to Book:

This is a collection of essays/lessons for use by youth classes, college and career classes, or small group ministries. These present choices that are faced by those who wish to live as Christians, drawn from scriptural teaching. Most of these ideas are presented in allegorical form, similar to parables. Each essay has thought provoking study questions included.

Lesson 1 – Prologue-For our Children Who has the reason and right to set lines and precepts
Lesson 2 – A Chance for Love – The proper attitude of an espoused and expectant bride
Lesson 3 – Obedience and Love – Choices made from love of God and from obedience
Lesson 4 – Raising Standards – Standards of the church as opportunities to express love
Lesson 5 – Dressing to Please – Choosing clothing to please our Creator
Lesson 6 – A Different Drummer – The freedom of deciding not to covet
Lesson 7 – No Graven Images – The artificial worth and the danger of jewelry
Lesson 8 – Au Natural – Improving on the work of the master artist
Lesson 9 – Shear Obedience – Choosing hair style in obedience to authority
Lesson 10 –Well Spoken – Allowing God to help us choose our vocabulary
Lesson 11 – Discerning of Spirits – Choosing to abstain from alcohol
Lesson 12 – Shall We Dance? – The carnal temptation inherent in most forms of dancing
Lesson 13 – Garbage In, Garbage Out – What comprises the living sacrifice we present to God
Lesson 14 – Keeping Company – How television tends to discourage divine visitation
Lesson 15 – Choosing Feathers – Losing our identity through conformation
Lesson 16 – Methods of Entanglement – An alternative method of getting to the marriage altar
Lesson 17 – Yoked Together – The usual result of relationships with unbelievers, and why
Lesson 18 – Epilogue-His Choice To Love – The incredible choice God made out of love
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