Volume 3 – Standing on the Edge of Time

Intro to Book:

Some years ago, I was privileged to attend an international conference on ‘global warming.’ It was called by a coalition of scientists to discuss the rise of alarmists proclaiming a need for drastic action to save the planet from mankind. Such alarmists were certainly right in one way, just not in their doctrine. They were right about the coming end of time.

Driving home very late after multiple flight delays, I pondered the rise of what I considered (and still do) absolutely fabricated nonsense. I prayed, asking God what happened to my supposedly educated country. And God answered, in power and wave after wave of scripture and revelation.

I would be remiss if I did not try, not matter how poorly, to share what was given me. In doing so, I will travel through the Bible at least nine times, exploring God’s nature and his dealings with mankind through time.

In doing so, I will inadvertently answer some very old questions. Why was I born? Does God really care about me? Why did Jesus let Himself be crucified? Will time really come to an end? If so, when? I will even propose a single variable scientific experiment, that anyone can conduct to determine if God exists, the Bible is true, and whether their life really matters to God.

I make these claims in complete confidence of what God revealed. I have also taught this material to multiple groups of inmates in jail. I can testify that every single inmate that I know conducted the aforementioned experiment, walked away from incarceration and stayed away. I know of three that are currently in positions of ministry.

I have come to believe our conduct as a nation is creating the necessity for time to end. And in doing so, has created a world ripe for natural disaster and the decline of truth. This book is a call to repentance that will surely be ignored.

But I am nonetheless compelled to sound the alarm.

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