The Parable Worker Series

{ Future Release }

It is prophesied that at the end of time, hearts of fathers will be turned against children. When that happens, it can absolutely be murder.

John is the Parable Worker. He’s one man, with no training and no children of his own. He stumbles into his calling, ministering to young inmates in a juvenile prison facility. What he discovers there will eventually destroy him. But first, it will transform him forever, the same way his stories change his listeners.

They are the forgotten generation. They are rebellious youth in a society which has abandoned a God-given responsibility to train up children. But it is one well-versed in revenge. In facilities across our nation, these rebels are warehoused and abandoned by parents who will never learn how to connect with them. Most will not survive their “correction.” That is fine with the man who is using them.

He is a true criminal mastermind. His real name has been lost in a dusty past of a life filled with violence, pain, and anger. He loves no one, nor is he loved by anyone. The price of caring was too high. But he is feared by many. From his prison cell, he operates a vast empire of crime, drugs, and death. He will eventually have to eliminate the Parable Worker. Otherwise, John will unwittingly destroy his life’s work.

Into the world of juvenile detention, into a place of loneliness, abuse, and despair comes one man. In a desperate try to reach the children, he relates principles of the gospel through illustrations, stories, and parables. The inmates respond with wonder and love, that is sometimes a little too earthly. At least, those who don’t hate him for their games he disrupts.

Problems faced by these children both anger and move him. Sometimes he takes direct action. In five successive story lines, he tackles issues of: sexual abuse by guards, heavy drug use in the facilities, low self-esteem manifested in the prevalence of hooking up, the astounding rate of suicides, and gang activity in and out of the facilities. The more of a difference he makes in lives of some listeners, the more important his death becomes to others.

Luckily for John, God has supplied him with many unlikely angels. These include foot soldiers from a rival criminal organization, his lovely wife, members of an anti-racketeering squad, a charming young inmate willing to love John any way he will allow, and God Himself. As John blindly goes about his ministry, attempt after attempt on his life is thwarted.

For the most part, John remains blissfully unaware of those activities. He is the Parable Worker, with eternal things to accomplish. Through assassination attempts on his life, on his wife, and on his character, the Parable Worker perseveres. He will eventually run out both protection and significance in his own ministry.

But the need for and the effect of parables will never die.