The Parables of Safed the Sage Series

Let me begin by saying that these five collections of stories are not my own writing.

Theses volumes of parables are the collected works of the best parabolic teacher I’ve ever encountered, outside of scripture. In a style all his own, this preacher / philosopher charmed his readers for decades with his tales of ordinary life and family. Because I have so thoroughly enjoyed them, I did my best to transcribe these works that have long since entered the public domain. I thoroughly believe others can also reap of the wisdom of William E. Barton.

It literally took me decades to find them all. Rare copies of his books, if they could be found, were instantly snatched up, once made available. Two copies of a small collection of these stories, published by someone also wishing to preserve Barton’s work, were borrowed from me and somehow never returned. That seemed to be a difficult, irritating, time-consuming way to acquaint my friends with Safed, so I undertook to find all these parables. And to make them easily available to enjoy once again.

These volumes are the results of that effort and are presented in the same format as the original publications. In the process of typing them, proofreading them, etc., these tales have once again become a part of me. They have already made numerous appearances in my own teaching.

It is my hope you will also find them useful and that they will delight you as much as they have me.